Your legacy of Dharma support

support Dharma in your will

You’ve been a generous supporter of the Sangha’s Central Principle of offering a genuine path to Awakening to those who want it, now you can ensure that after you die your worldly wealth is dedicated to Dharma in the same way.

It’s easy to put Sustain Dharma Support Trust in your Will.

Here’s a suggested wording:
“I give free of taxes as a charitable bequest (insert either a specific sum or a percentage proportion of the residuary estate) to Sustain Dharma Support Trust, UK Registered Charity No 1186827.

I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer for the time being or other duly authorised officer shall be a full discharge to my executors.”

The contact details to be written into the Will are: “Sustain Dharma Support Trust, 24 Riverside, Cambridge CB5 8HL, as detailed on registered charity number 1186827.”

in your absence a legacy

Remembering somone who has died

You may also want to give a donation in remembrance of someone who has died.

Typical traditional Buddhist customs:
“Sometimes they offer … money to as many Dharma practitioners and teachers as they can. This is another way of making connections for the deceased to link them to the path to Awakening.”
Lama Shenpen, “There’s More to Dying than Death” p145

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