Sustain Dharma Support Trust

Sustain the mandala of the Awakened Heart Sangha to provide a path of Awakening for all

What is SUSTAIN?

The vision of the AHS is to offer a genuine path to Awakening for all who want this, and Sustain is a charity set up by AHS members to support AHS members in this aim of public benefit.

We exist to ensure that Dharma development is always an option, lack of money should not be an obstruction.

Why are we needed?

Sangha members may give their time to Sangha work and Dharma practice in preference to a career which would bring resources later in life. Or for any practitioner, financial circumstances may impede attending retreats or doing personal retreat.

Can we help YOU?

The Shrimala Trust provides employee pensions, but cannot legally give money for the welfare or practice of individuals.

How can you help?

Lama Shenpen has long felt that the best way to support Dharma in the West is to ensure practitioners can give their time to practice and teaching, and we provide two ways you can play your part in this: –

1) SUSTAIN needs a core fund from which small one-off grants or modest on-going contributions can be made to those who need them.

2) We may publicise appeals for particular individuals, for example to support retreats. SUSTAIN provides a means to sponsor such appeals directly.

Your help is needed

The Retreats appeal is still open, we need funds in hand for further retreatants after Dashün, or for other requests.
See APPEALS page, or to donate go to JUST GIVE.

Remember, our Sangha exists because Lama Shenpen was sponsored to stay in India by a friend in Britain.

On behalf of future recipients, we thank you! Let’s keep this precious transmission lineage alive.

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