How can we help?

We exist to sustain those whose Dharma practice and training maintains the mandala of the Awakened Heart Sangha, providing public benefit.

Our Trustees consider all applications. As a registered charity, we need to consider the potential of our funding to filter out to a community beyond the individual recipient of the grant.

support AHS teaching mandala

Thus we particularly support activities which represent training to enhance the aim of offering Buddhist teaching, practice or ritual to the wider sangha and general public.

lung / wind element

We could support travel or accommodation expenses for retreats, teachings, conferences, or other Buddhist events which contribute to this aim.

We may also be able to assist with living expenses for practitioners who have forgone career earnings and pensions for the sake of Dharma practice and service.

After any grant awarded we will require a report of the supported activity and its contribution to public benefit.

Can we help you?

You can also apply on behalf of someone else (provided they agree)

Get in touch and we’ll send you a form

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