Supporting pilgrimage

Sustain was pleased to contribute to supporting Pati in making a pilgrimage along the ancient Pilgrim’s Way to Bardsey Island, Ynys Ennli. Walking pilgrimage as a practice is relatively untried in our Sangha and Pati intends to pass on her learning from it to the Sangha. Having completed her mission, she thanked us with this card.

Supporting retreats

One of the main ways Sustain can support Dharma practice in the AHS is to help members to undertake retreats. The costs of a retreat and of freeing yourself to devote that time can be a significant hurdle, especially for longer retreats. We are appealing for funds so that we can respond to future requests for such support.

Generosity is punya

We are pleased to have been the conduit through which the Sangha has supported Dashün‘s two-year retreat, thank you for your generosity and commitment!

We hear that other Sangha members are intending to do solitary retreats, and we hope to be able to provide financial support for them should they need it. It’s good to remember that when members like Dashün do solo retreats, they are doing it for all of us – and we want to show them it’s with all of us, in spirit. Offering practical support is a way to demonstrate this.

If you feel inspired to play a part in enabling solitary retreat practice in our Sangha, please give generously now, or you can pledge money for a future date, or set up a regular donation to Sustain Dharma Support Trust. And dedicate the punya you make, which as Lama Shenpen points out, is said to be equal to the punya of the retreatant!

Donate HERE

A Message From Lama Shenpen

As Milarepa sings in his song of heart connections:

The yogin who meditates on rocky peaks
And the patrons providing his sustenance
Are the connections for us all to Awaken together.
The heart of this connection is the sharing of punya

This verse is much loved among Tibetans and they often quote it to each other as they make offerings to support sangha members in their practice. The next best thing to doing a retreat ourselves is surely supporting someone else to do one.

Lama Shenpen supports Sustain

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